Cactus ATV Migrino Beach Tour
Cactus ATV Migrino Beach Tour
Cactus ATV Migrino Beach Tour
Limited Spaces Available! For reservations call 888-557-3330. Spaces are extremely limited this time of year so book early to ensure the date you want.
Cactus ATV Migrino Beach Tour


  • Unforgettable Way to Experience the Lower Baja Peninsula
  • See Areas of Cabo that are Only Accessible Through our ATV Vehicles
  • Pass by Vast Mexican Deserts, Scenic Mountain Terrain, and White Sand Beaches
  • Excellent Way to Explore the Often Overlooked Cabo Countryside

Tour Summary

If you enjoy feeling the desert breeze on your face as the engine of your off-road vehicle roars between your legs, this exhilarating ATV adventure is the ideal way to explore the back country of the beautiful Baja Peninsula. The Baja Peninsula is world-renowned for its rugged off-road environment, full of sweeping canyons, sandy dunes, rocky hills and mountains, dry river beds, cacti, and exotic desert flora and fauna. There is no experience quite as exciting as discovering the Baja landscape on an ATV.

This exciting guided expedition begins twenty-five miles north of Cabo San Lucas, where you will be awestruck by the remarkable diversity of terrain in this pristine area. In addition to crossing open stretches of desert, you will maneuver through scenic mountain landscape on the off-road route to our ultimate destination, Playa Migrio. This remote beach oasis offers a welcomed escape from the busy tourist centers of the region. The peaceful solitude and unmatched natural splendor of this beach will allow you to unwind and relax after our ride.

Couples will really appreciate spending some quiet time at this romantic seaside setting. Relax and stroll along this amazing beach as the waves softly lap against the shore. The rocky formations and hidden caves add to the ambience of this pristine coastal area. During the winter months, you may even see whales breaching the surface of the water far offshore. If youd rather do even more off-roading, you can do some more riding on the soft wind-swept dunes near the beach before you head back through the desert to Cabo.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and understand all restrictions pertaining to this tour before booking online or over the phone. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically qualified and within any limits listed below in order to participate in this activity. No refunds will be given to those who reserve a spot and can not participate due to the restrictions listed below. For more information please read our cancellation policy and terms and conditions page or call our staff with any questions regarding your ability to participate.

  • Must be 18 or older to operate an ATV (must present a valid driver's license)
  • Additional entrance fee of $15 for Migrino Beach will be paid at check-in
  • Optional insurance is available for the vehicles - $25 for a single or $35 for a double ATV.  This will be offered to you upon check in
  • All participants must be at least 8 years old

Cabo Tour Center is always interested in your tour experience with us. We hope you enjoyed your tour and love to hear comments.

Bob Smith

I have been to the Bahamas many times, but Cactus ATV Migrino Beach Tour is one of my favorite trips! It includes everything that everyone should do here. As a Bahamas veteran, I can say only the best about this experience!

Jim Peters

Thanks to the professional guides! I was a bit worried about kayaking because I had never done it before, but the instructions were great and I had such a good time!

Richard Dixon

The best way to discover nature! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)