Cabo Transportation

Located at the end of a 775-mile-long peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is not particularly easy to get to by car or bus. It's a daunting task to drive from the top of the peninsula down to Los Cabos, but one that some people say is rewarding and fun, as you get to drive through the smaller towns of the Baja California Peninsula, whose locals are said to be some of the friendliest in all of Mexico.

Several companies do offer bus service to Cabo San Lucas where travelers get dropped off at the area's main bus terminal located east of Transpeninsular. However, most people come to Cabo San Lucas by way of airplane or by way of boat. The Los Cabos International Airport is serves travelers heading to all areas of the Los Cabos region including Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Tourist Corridor. A variety of airlines conduct international flights into the airport. From the airport, a taxi can cost you $50 to get to downtown San Jose del Cabo and around $80 to get you to downtown Cabo San Lucas. If you take a shuttle from the airport, you can typically find rates as low as $11 to get to San Jose del Cabo, $12 to the Resort Corridor, and $13 to Cabo San Lucas. The shuttles will also drop you off right at your hotel. Taking a bus into town is by far the cheapest means of getting out of the airport, but it also requires a 20-30 minute walk to get to the main bus terminal. Another popular way of visiting Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos region is by boat, particularly cruise ships, Hundreds of cruise ships dock in Cabo San Lucas every year, pouring tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world into downtown Cabo San Lucas. This is a great way to get a taste for the heart of Cabo San Lucas, explore its charming narrow streets, check out some of the nightlife, have a bite to eat, and do some shopping.